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New Audio Book:
The Storm King: Stories, Narratives, Poems: Spoken Word Set to a World of Music by Pete Seeger
[book cover]

This audio collection presents Pete Seeger's spoken words as he captivatingly recounts his most engaging stories, narratives, and poems-set to new music created by nearly 50 musicians from traditions as diverse as African Music, Blues, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar, Folk, Jazz, and Native American Music. (Read more...)

New Non-fiction Book:
The Silver Lining: a Supportive and Insightful Guide to Breast Cancer by Hollye Jacobs
[book cover]

As a healthy, happy thirty-nine-year-old mother with no family history of breast cancer, being diagnosed with the disease rocked Hollye Jacobs' world. (Read more...)

New Fiction Book:
Don't Ever Look Back by Daniel Friedman
[book cover]

In Memphis, Tennessee, eighty-eight-year-old Buck Schatz is reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that he can only move around with the aid of a walker, and his dementia seems to be getting worse. (Read more...)

Book Discussion
(Read More.) Thu, Nov 6th at 6:30pm.
Learn about meteorites with Dan Everly, just in time for the Orionids meteor shower. Call or stop by the main desk to sign up. Tue, Oct 14th, 6:30-7:30pm.
Board of Trustees
The board meets at the library at 4pm on the third Monday of each month.
Halloween Movie Marathon
[stock photo of an old-fashioned movie projector] Drop in any time on Halloween and catch part of our movie marathon. (Read More.) Fri, Oct 31st, 10-6pm.

Watch this space for more library programs and news.