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Upcoming Events:
Movie Night for Teens and Adults Tue, Jun 7th at 6pm, 19th century zombie movie, Thu, Jun 23rd at 6pm, alien invasion movie, and Tue, Jul 5th at 6pm, boxing movie
Party on the Lawn for Kids Wed, Jun 8th, 1:30-3pm
Family Movie Friday Fri, Jun 10th at 3pm, animal movie, Fri, Jun 17th at 3pm, clownfish movie, and Fri, Jun 24th at 3pm, dog movie
Teen Anime Club Tue, Jun 14th, 6:30-8pm
Astronaut Fitness Show for Kids Wed, Jun 15th at 1:30pm
Summer Solstice Crafts for Teens Mon, Jun 20th, 4-5pm
Camouflage Show for Kids Wed, Jun 22nd at 2pm
Alice in Wonderland Party for Teens Tue, Jun 28th, 5-7pm
Magic Show for Kids Wed, Jun 29th at 2pm
Coffee and Coloring (offsite) Thu, Jun 30th, 5-7pm
Team Read Balloon Show for Kids Wed, Jul 6th at 2pm
Summer Reading starts June 1st for All Ages (Children, Teens, Adults) The news page has the details.
Library Policy
Library policy is set by the board. Here are some of the policies you may have questions about:
This section is not intended to be entirely comprehensive. We have included the policies that seem to generate the most questions, but if you have questions about a policy not listed here, ask a member of the staff.